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How To Get More Twitter Followers For Less Cash Per Follower

So you wanna get more Twitter followers, and now you’ve decided that you’re gonna buy more Twitter followers from a company you’ve found on one of the search engines.  Great!  However, be advised, there’s more for you to know.  In this special “no-BS” report, we’re going to show you how to get more Twitter followers  while at the same time saving A WHOLE HEAP of cash!

The Most Important Point For You To Take Away From This Report Is This:

At The Social Shop, You Can Have
Than You Would Spend To Buy More Twitter Followers Anywhere Else!

Why would you buy more Twitter followers from anyone when you can get far more Twitter followers at far less per follower by building your Twitter following the right way?  There’s only one reason that we can think of that anyone would do such a thing.

“People buy more Twitter followers from these unscrupulous companies not knowing any better. “

Your Story

You’ve been sitting there at your computer pulling your hair out as you spend hours and hours on Twitter trying grow your Twitter follower count.  It’s likely that you feel that this is important because you want to be able to sell your products or services using your Twitter account, or that you at least want to use your Twitter account to drive traffic to your website or blog.  Without lots and lots of followers, there’s no way that’s going to happen.  Then, as if it were manna from heaven, somewhere on the internet you came across someone telling you that you could easily get more Twitter followers simply by buying them on the internet!

So you get on your favorite search engine, and start searching for terms like these:

  • Get More Twitter Followers For Lessbuy Twitter followers
  • buy more Twitter followers
  • grow my Twitter followers
  • get more Twitter followers
  • get more Twitter followers fast
  • build Twitter followers
  • build more Twitter followers
  • build more Twitter followers fast
  • and the list goes on and on and on…

Hooray!  Just fork over a little cash, and WHAM… an instant following that will just mindlessly start placing orders and/or doing whatever you tell them to do!!!  Problem solved, right?

Well, not quite.  However, the good news is that at least you’re on the right track!  :-)

It is definitely true that you can do searches on your favorite search engine for terms like the ones listed above and find loads of companies targeting people like you, willing to sell you thousands of Twitter followers at what seems like bargain-basement prices.  To someone who doesn’t make their living in social media marketing & management, it’s seems like a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as it looks.  The secret…. what none of these companies wants you to know… lies in the definition of terms like “buy Twitter followers” or “buy more Twitter followers”, and in the business model behind those terms – all of which you’re going to learn about right here, right now and for free!

The First Thing To Learn About The “Buy Twitter Followers” Business:

It’s important to understand that the vast majority of the companies listed on the search engines for those terms and more are KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY making a living by violating Twitter’s rules and guidelines, and are risking getting YOUR Twitter account banned in the process in such a way that they can’t be held accountable by you at all!  In other words, they take your money, and if your account gets banned for violating their rules, they can’t be held accountable by you in any way!  What a deal, huh?

In truth, there is NO ETHICAL WAY to buy more Twitter followers without violating Twitter’s rules and risking getting your account banned, no matter what these companies tell you to the contrary.  We hope you’l take our word for it, but if you’d prefer to see some proof, here’s all the proof you should need right off Twitter’s own website:

Seen enough?

Other than the fact that you’re breaking Twitter’s rules and risking having your account banned by buying Twitter followers from these companies, there are several other reasons you don’t want to start doing this.  We could probably write a whole book on that subject (and we probably will… or at least a lot of blog posts  ;-) ), and we’ll certainly be putting up that information in various places around this website and in other places across the internet to try to get the word out about what these companies are doing, but here’s a summary:

  • Since it’s highly likely that the Twitter followers you’re buying are fake accounts created by the company from whom you are buying them, the new followers aren’t going to be buying anything from you anyway!  Even if you did get lucky and find a company that “sells” real followers (which is still a violation of Twitter’s rules), the likelihood that any of them would have an interest in you or your offer is so minuscule that it’s not worth mentioning.
  • What’s the point of having a bunch of bogus accounts following you?  To make yourself look like you have more followers than you really do?  Do you really think that’s going to work?  Are you really such a fake that you want to “fake-it-till-you-make-it” in front of the whole world?    Do you really believe that many Twitter users are that gullible? They aren’t, which leads us to the next reason….
  • It’s not hard to tell when a Twitter user buys followers.  Seasoned and savvy Twitter users are wise to this practice, and it’s generally frowned upon, because once they realize what you’ve done, they have exposed you as a fake, and they’re likely to tell people about it.  Busted.  Might as well start all over again with a different account.  (Hope you didn’t use your real name or company name on this one).
  • (The Most Important Reason): It’s cheaper to just do it the right way!  Well, at least it is now at The Social Shop!!!  For example, what if you could have 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 Twitter followers or more and have someone building followers for you ALL MONTH for the same price that one of these “fly-by-night” companies charges for just 1,000 followers?  More importantly, they’d be real followers targeted in your niche!  Such numbers are entirely possible, but only here at the Social Shop.

Get More Twitter Followers The Right Way Today!

When you don’t know any better, the idea of buying more Twitter followers seems like a great and fairly cheap shortcut, but that’s only if you don’t know any better, and you don’t have a frame of reference with which to compare the risks with the potential rewards.  However, armed with this information, you can now get more Twitter followers for less money.  We invite you to check out the following links for more information, and to get started building your Twitter followers the right way today!

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